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Payroll Giving is a great way to make a monthly donation to your favourite charities. And if you choose Charities at Work, your donation goes to five good causes rather than one - a fantastic feeling every payday!

Giving via your payroll is tax-free, so it literally costs you less to give more. Usually, in any £1.00 that you earn, 20p (on normal tax rate) will go to the tax man. But when you pledge a gift to charity, the tax man is not entitled to any of it. In fact, he gives that 20p tax to your chosen charity too.

Payroll Giving is extremely simple and easy to set up. Once you authorise your employer to deduct regular charitable donations from your pay using the donation form, your job is done. Everything else is done for you! Your employer then pays these donations to a Payroll Giving agency approved by the Inland Revenue. Each week or month, each of the five charities that constitute Charities at Work will benefit from your generous donation.