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Lighting Up Christmas

Thank you. You’re helping light up Christmas for disabled children.

This Christmas, more than 4,000 families will turn to Scope for support. Many will call the Scope Helpline soon after learning their child is disabled. Thanks to your support, we plan to be there for each and every one of them.

No one is better placed than Harry’s mum, Jenny, to explain the difference your generosity has made in helping support these families. Jenny found out Harry had cerebral palsy just before Christmas and it came as a huge shock.

“The consultant told me I must have fallen when pregnant, scarring his brain. I knew I hadn’t, but I burst into tears. I thought I’d broken my baby. It had been a battle to get that appointment, and I left without even a leaflet explaining what cerebral palsy was.


“On Christmas day, Harry was like he always was – upset. He opened his present. It was a bike. We hadn’t known he had cerebral palsy when we got it and it turned out to be completely unsuitable.

“If I hadn’t found Scope’s helpline number, I’d probably still be trying to work out why Harry couldn’t or wouldn’t ride that bike.

“Talking to Jackie, from Scope helped me understand Harry’s diagnosis for the first time. I started to realise why Harry was always upset. His cerebral palsy meant he was in pain, and he would tire easily. Things that we might think he could do easily – like jump on a bike – were a huge challenge. 

“Two years on, Harry is much happier. Jackie has done so much for us, and I am pleased to say we can’t wait for Christmas this year!”

Thanks to your kind donations through payroll giving, more disabled children and their families, like Harry and Jenny will gain the support they need. Thank you and Merry Christmas.