British Red Cross and Charities at Work
British Red Cross and Charities at Work

“The Red Cross and Ian Saved my Soul”

Over a third of adults feel lonely, without anyone to turn to, a recent study found.

Thanks to our supporters, we are able to help more people who feel isolated, whether they are bereaved, retired, a new parent or dealing with an illness or condition that limits their ability to get out and about.

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With your support, we're able to help people like Andy, a 52 year old cancer survivor in Bristol. You may have seen his moving story on Youtube, where he equates the physical pain of cancer to the pain of loneliness.

"All I kept thinking was it's not the cancer that's going to kill me, it's the loneliness", recalled Andy.

Tragically, Andy had typed into Google, 'somebody help me' when a search engine suggested the Red Cross - within a week, we were able to introduce Andy to Ian, one of our amazing volunteers.

"I am now able to be all of me"

Andy's heart-warming story is one of many across the UK.

To tackle loneliness during Christmas-time, we host Christmas lunches across the country and send out cards to people who may not otherwise receive one.

Together, we can connect more people within their community, all year round. If you're feeling inspired, found out more about our Connected Communities campaign.