Charities @ Work

What Is Charities at Work?

Charities at Work is a group of five leading national charities working throughout the UK and abroad. Separately, we represent a cross section of major concerns which affect everyone's daily lives:

  • Age UK - working towards a world where everyone can love later life
  • British Red Cross - refusing to ignore people in crisis, both at home and overseas
  • NSPCC - fighting for every childhood
  • RSPB - giving nature a home
  • Scope - making the UK a place where disabled people have the same opportunities as everyone else

Together, we are Charities at Work - one donation, five great charities.

Charities at Work was established in 1987 - in the same year that Payroll Giving started - making us one of the first and oldest charity consortiums in the UK. All of the funds raised through Payroll Giving, and all of the donations made to Charities at Work, are split equally between the five member charities.

Please note, membership of the consortium does not necessarily indicate endorsement of the views or activities of the other members.